Inspired by Spain

As the name 'Casa Vibrante' suggests everything about it is Spanish. Heritage Spanish architecture is an exotic mix of the style of the Iberians (the earliest inhabitants), Roman, Gothic and Arabic trends with a dash of modernism thrown in. In the 19th century, Spanish architects had taken engineering to a new level and brought about structural improvement using iron and glass as the main building materials. In the same period, celebrated architect Antoni Gaudi changed the face of Spanish architecture with his use of crooked lines and eclectic mosaic art.

Today, you can expect to find buildings with both classical ornate facades and futuristic steel pillars contrasting yet complimenting each other. Spanish settlers in America brought this rich architectural heritage with them. Today Southwest America has a more Mediterranean skyline than the Mediterranean region itself. California, Florida and San Diego are cities known for their breathtaking Spanish architecture. Some features that typically characterise Spanish homes are low pitched roofs, red roof tiles, stucco sidings, arches above doors, porch entries and windows, carved stonework, wrought iron grills, spiral columns, cross-cables, side wings and parapets with terracotta tiles.

Casa Vibrante incorporates most of these to create a home you and your family will be proud to own. Add cultured lawns, landscaped gardens, a club house, swimming pools and a host of other amenities to it and you have a perfect lifestyle. The red carpet is rolled out.

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